Home Studio Essentials

Expensive Microphones – Are They Worth it for your Home Studio?

It's tempting to think that spending more money will get you better sound quality - but is that always the case? In this post, we'll explore the real differences between affordable and high-end mics and when it actually makes...

Essential Studio Monitoring Tips for Home Recordists

Whether you're recording demos in your bedroom or crafting full productions in a home studio, proper studio monitoring is essential for achieving professional results.As any experienced engineer will tell you, what you hear through your monitors deeply impacts the...

A Beginner’s Guide to Multi-Track Recording at Home

Have you ever listened to your favorite album and wondered how the band achieved that full, layered sound? Modern music productions often feature multiple guitar tracks, lush vocal harmonies, and a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments. This is...

A Guide to the Best Music Production Software for Beginners

Ready to dive into recording and producing your own music but unsure which music production software to choose? You're faced with a myriad of software choices, each one promising you to be the best, but which one is the...

Essential Microphone Techniques for Home Studios

Getting great recordings starts with proper microphone technique. While having quality gear is important, understanding correct mic placement fundamentals will take your home recordings to the next level.In professional studios, engineers spend years perfecting their mic technique. Though home...

How to Choose Your First Studio Microphone

Are you a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of microphone options available in the market? Are you unsure which one to choose for your first studio setup? Should it be a condenser or dynamic microphone, USB or XLR, large...

Speaker cables vs. instrument cables: what’s the difference?

Speaker cables and instrument cables may visually look the same because they both have the same 1/4″ plug at each end, so you might be wondering, what’s the difference and can you use them interchangeably?

Home Recording Studio On A Budget (Essentials You Need)

So you want to start recording music at home, but you're on a tight budget and don't know where to start and what equipment you need?

Low-Budget Acoustic Treatment for Home Studios

By no means do you need to have a master’s degree in acoustics to improve the sound of your work environment.

Home Studio Soundproofing ABC

A properly soundproofed studio is a key asset for producers, musicians, podcasters, voice actors, and more. Let's take a closer look!