How to Add Punch to Your Mix with Parallel Compression

If your mixes are sounding a bit lackluster and you want to give them more power and presence, parallel compression just might be the secret sauce you’re looking for.Parallel compression, sometimes called New York compression, is a technique where...

10 Common Compression Mistakes To Avoid

Compression is one of the most useful but commonly misused tools in mixing. A perfectly dialed-in compressor can add punch, glue, and excitement to tracks. But use it wrong, and you’ll ruin your dynamics, flatten transients, and suck the...

Mixing Guitars: EQ, Compression, and Panning Techniques

As a sound engineer, you play the role of a sonic artist. Each musical instrument you mix into a song represents a colour in your palette, contributing to a harmonious and balanced sonic masterpiece.Guitars, both acoustic and electric, are...

The Best Practices for Mix Bus Compression

In this article, we're going to look at the best practices for mix bus compression, including setting the right attack and release times.
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