Recording Techniques

12 Creative and Unusual Vocal Recording Techniques

Recording vocals is an art form that can be taken to the next level by thinking creatively. While standard microphone techniques like close miking are effective, trying out unconventional placements and approaches can capture unique vocal tones and deliver...

How to Get Analogue Warmth in Your Home Recordings

In a world of over-compressed music, many artists want to add old-school analog warmth to their home recordings.Analog sound is not just a relic of the past. With the right gear and techniques, you can give your home...

Essential Microphone Techniques for Home Studios

Getting great recordings starts with proper microphone technique. While having quality gear is important, understanding correct mic placement fundamentals will take your home recordings to the next level.In professional studios, engineers spend years perfecting their mic technique. Though home...

How to Get Warm Guitar Tone: A Guide for Guitarists

Want to make your guitar tone sound smooth, rich, and pleasing? Who doesn't? A warm guitar tone can add great depth and musicality to your playing. In this complete guide, we'll explore what a warm tone is, why guitarists want...

4 Stereo Miking Techniques Every Audio Engineer Should Know

In the world of stereo recording, getting that perfect sound can be a bit of a puzzle. It's all about understanding and mastering the art of stereo miking techniques to make the sound really come alive.Let's jump right into...

Speaker cables vs. instrument cables: what’s the difference?

Speaker cables and instrument cables may visually look the same because they both have the same 1/4″ plug at each end, so you might be wondering, what’s the difference and can you use them interchangeably?

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Ambient Music

With this complete beginner’s guide, you can be well on your way to creating high-quality, atmospheric sonic landscapes.

10 Old-School Recording Techniques to Sound Vintage!

Today, we’re going to talk about 10 old-school recording techniques you can use to add some of the magic of the past to the recordings you’re making today. 

Recording Distorted Guitars: The Ultimate Guide

Our topic today is Recording Distorted Guitars and we’re going to see to it that you have the knowledge and techniques you need to put down the best electric guitar sounds ever. 

10 Tips For Recording Pro-Sounding Vocals At Home

Today, we’re getting together to set you up with 10 tips for recording pro-sounding vocals at home that will prevent Bad Vocal Syndrome from contaminating your amazing tracks.
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